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Book 8 emphasizes salvation by grace apart from the Law, walking in the Spirit, and the holy lives we should live as alive in Christ.

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Vol 8 - Teaching New Believers: Galatians and Colossians (Download)

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Volume 8 highlights the liberty we have in Christ and gives a spiritual blueprint for believers to follow.

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Part 1: The Remainder of Phase 4 of the Chronological Teaching Program. 1

Part 2: Lessons from Galatians 7

Lesson 1: Paul defended his apostleship and the Gospel. 9
Lesson 2: Paul proved that his apostleship and the Gospel he preached were from God. 19
Lesson 3: Paul rebuked Peter and reemphasized that salvation is by grace alone. 29
Lesson 4: Paul upheld justification by grace, and he showed the hopelessness of trying to gain acceptance by God through the Law. 39
Lesson 5: God’s promises to Abraham were not cancelled out by the Law. Paul explained the purpose of the Law. 47
Lesson 6: Believers have now been given the position of mature sons in God’s family. 55
Lesson 7: Paul appealed to the Galatians not to turn away from the freedom of the Gospel to the bondage of the Law. 63
Lesson 8: Paul stressed the futility of mixing Law and grace. 75
Lesson 9: Only through dependence on the Holy Spirit can believers have victory over the flesh and manifest the fruit of the Spirit. 85
Lesson 10: Paul gave some practical guidelines for believers and a further warning about false teaching. 93

Part 3: Lessons from Colossians 105

Lesson 1: Paul gave thanks to God for the Colossian believers and prayed for them. 107
Lesson 2: Paul taught that the Lord Jesus Christ is God. 119
Lesson 3: Believers should live with the conviction that Christ is God and that they are complete in Him. 131
Lesson 4: Because believers have been raised and are seated with Christ at God’s right hand, they should live transformed lives. 143
Lesson 5: Believers should be following the ways of the new man that they are in Christ. 153

Appendix. 163