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1 and 2 Thessalonians and Revelation encourage churches to hold onto their faith in the coming Christ and endure persecution for their faith.
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Vol 7 - Teaching New Believers: 1 Thes, 2 Thes, and Revelation (Download)

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English Vol  7 - 1 and 2 Thessalonians, Revelation VOL 7 - TEACHING NEW BELIEVERS: 1 THES, 2 THES, AND REVELATION

Volume 7 directs our attention ahead to Christ’s return and to several key events from Revelation.

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Part 1: Preparations and Guidelines for the Next Step in Phase 4 1

Chapter 1: The Next Step in Phase 4 of the Chronological Teaching Program 3

Part 2: Lessons from 1 Thessalonians. 9

Lesson 1: The changed lives of the Thessalonians proved they had been converted. 11
Lesson 2: Paul gave the Thessalonian believers practical directions for Christian living. 25
Lesson 3: The Lord Jesus will descend to the sky to receive His Church. 37
Lesson 4: Paul reminded the Thessalonians about the coming “day of the Lord.” 45
Lesson 5: Paul closed his letter to the Thessalonians with some final instructions. 55

Part 3: Lessons from 2 Thessalonians. 67

Lesson 1: Paul commended and encouraged the persecuted believers in Thessalonica. 69
Lesson 2: After the rapture of the Church, the Antichrist will rule the world until Christ returns. 79

Part 4 Lessons from Revelation. 89

Lesson 1: John was given this revelation by the glorified Christ. 91
Lesson 2: The Lamb alone was worthy to open the book and to break its seven seals. 107
Lesson 3: John saw the Lamb open the scroll and break six of its seals. 119
Lesson 4: 144,000 Jews and a great multitude will be saved during the Great Tribulation. 129
Lesson 5: John saw the seventh seal opened and heard the sound of seven trumpets. 137
Lesson 6: Israel will be persecuted by the Antichrist. The world will honor the Antichrist and be deceived by the false prophet. 145
Lesson 7: God will pour out the last judgments of the Tribulation. The marriage of the Lamb to the Church will take place. 153
Lesson 8: Christ will return victorious. The Antichrist and all his followers will be punished. 161
Lesson 9: Christ will reign for a thousand years. Satan and all unbelievers will be judged and punished forever. 171
Lesson 10: God will renew all creation. The New Jerusalem will come down to earth. 181

Appendix 195