What are the benefits of chronological Bible teaching?

Because you may not realize how good it is.

  • It's possible to teach believers and unbelievers at the same time because teaching begins with the basics and builds story upon story through the Bible to the death and resurrection of Christ.

  • It's great for evangelism because it teaches basic world view concepts that shouldn't be taken for granted. These include: God as the creator and owner; man is not a basically good being but sinful from birth and unable to please a holy God; man as condemned by the law not justified by it; salvation by faith seen in the lives of Old Testament saints like Noah; blood sacrifices for sin pointing to the Christ's death on the cross; correct teaching about Satan and Angels; etc.

  • It helps the Bible make sense because the whole story; from creation, to the fall of man, to the rescue by Christ is seen traced throughout the Old Testament into the New. This helps alleviate the false dichotomy between the two.

  • It makes sense of the Gospel. Although the Gospel is a simple message there is a lot of confusion surrounding it. What if I someone commits a really big sin? Do I need to add works to my faith in Christ for God to love me? Don't I need to be baptized to be really saved? Many false assumptions regarding salvation are put to rest with this teaching because the underlying issues behind many of them are addressed, even though they are not directly dealt with.

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