About Shipping


Each item we sell has an "Availability" time displayed next to it. For example, "Usually ships in 2 to 3 days." This tells you when the item will be ready to leave our warehouse. The total estimated time it will take to receive your item is determined by adding the "Availability" time to the number of days your shipping method will take.

Delivery and Shipping

Domestic Shipping (United States and U.S. Military)
Your total shipping charge is a combination of a flat rate fee based on the order total, plus any shipping surcharges for individual products. The chart below provides a list of flat rates based on the order total. Shipping surcharges, where applicable, are indicated on the product's page.

We use USPS and UPS for all domestic shipping.

Delivery Method
Order Total Economy Shipping
7-10 Days
Standard Shipping
3-6 Days
.01-$24.99 $3.99 $5.99
$25-$49.99 $5.99 $10.99
$50-$99.99 $10.99 $15.99
$100-$149.99 $15.99 $17.99
$150 and Up $17.99 $24.99

International Shipping offers worldwide shipping options via the USPS. Shipping charges will be displayed at checkout and depend on:

* Where you are shipping your order
* Weight and size of order contents

The shipping charge quoted and collected online is the actual shipping cost quoted by our shipping carriers.
Sales Tax

In accordance with applicable law, collects sales tax for orders delivered to Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Sales tax is based on the shipment's destination state and local sales tax rates.

Special Situations

Weather, natural disasters, and other events beyond our control may affect shipping and delivery times. If conditions are serious and expected to last longer than a brief period of time, special instructions may be added to the website.

Correctional Institutions: If you are shipping to a correctional institution, please pay careful attention to its regulations and procedures. Facilities differ on the items they permit, shipping methods that may be used, and how to address a package.